John Dowland’s lute music

John Dowland’s lute music is amazing. Dowland, a contemporary of Shakespeare, wrote music that exactly captures the spirit of that Renaissance time period for me. Watch Nigel North play Dowland on YouTube. Then buy the two CDs from Naxos (part of a 4 CD projected series, I am told). Lute Music vol 1 Lute Music vol 2

Eric & Jenny

Perhaps at some point I will be able to write down my thoughts on Eric and Jenny’s wedding, but for now I will post the photos.  These are not the official wedding photos, just a combination of mine and my dad’s.

In other news, there is still a granddaughter out there, and here are a batch of new photos of her.

Babies can lie

Um, we already knew this before Eric was one year old. But apparently the psychologists only just now discovered it. Perhaps no psychologists are parents?

Babies not as innocent as they pretend - the Telegraph

HT: the Desiring God blog

Eight facts

OK, I don’t like these games of tag, OK?  ok.

But my buddy Philip has challenged me to tell eight little known facts about myself. I’m not sure there even are eight facts about myself, but I’ll try.

1. I played football. Yes, it’s true. In the 5th grade. There is actually a picture of me somewhere with a jersey and pads on.

2. My son Evan has not yet had hair longer than mine was in high school.

3. One of my dad’s favorite experiences with me was when I went out with Andy Martin in a sailboat at Scout camp, and we turned the boat over in the middle of the lake. With a storm coming.

4. Meanwhile, I never made Eagle Scout. Never even got close. I think there might have been two merit badges sewn on my sash.

5. My first car was a blue 1966 Ford Falcon. When it hit a 1975 Mercury Monarch in the side (not my fault), it crushed the Monarch but didn’t even break my headlight.

6. I love Lubbock, Texas. Hub of the Plains. I went to school there. I didn’t like the sandstorms though.

7. When I was a student in Lubbock, I had my teeth worked on by a former Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

8. I’ve been eating Pizza Inn Thin Crust Sausage Pizza for as long as I can remember eating. Which is a a long time. And I still like it.

Well there it is! Now maybe I can think of someone to tag.

Bush - no conservative

This is what I’ve been saying for longer than Peggy Noonan, but she says it so much better than me.

Granddaughter update

I’m so completely behind that I have not posted anything here, but even if I’m offline, the granddaughter continues to progress. Herewith I present a modest Album 4 of pictures of this award-winning baby.

The Rights of Englishmen

It’s so nice, and so rare, to see a government have an outburst of common sense, that one must note the occasion. Today the BBC reported that the English Department for Education and Skills is set to issue guidelines which “point out that it is fundamental to the English system that the responsibility for educating children rests on the parents.”

Parents will be told that “education is compulsory but schooling is not.”

Some USA states haven’t learned that yet. Bravo to the English bureaucracy!

Annie, the musical

This weekend something will happen that I’ve never seen before as a dad. Two of my children will be starring opposite each other in the musical Annie.  E#4 will be playing Daddy Warbucks while E#5 will be playing Annie. It will be a big surprise to see how it turns out, since I’ve never attended one of the rehearsals.

The Quo Vadis Educators of Garland, who have put on high quality productions many years in the past, are the drama group. This is our first year to be part of their program. You can find more information about the production this weekend on their website.

Granddaughter pix

I have to point you to some of my picture albums of my high quality, award winning granddaughter.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Farewell to a fine institution, or two

After 17 years, the excellent classic country music show The Eddie Stubbs Show has ceased broadcasting on WAMU-FM and on Eddie knows more about the history of country music than just about anybody. All of us who love traditional music owe Eddie a debt of gratitude for keeping this old music alive. (Not to mention that he was the fiddler for the Johnson Mountain Boys for years.)

Fortunately for the country music industry, Eddie still stays active in Nashville with his WSM and Grand Ole Opry work.

It’s another chapter in the sad history of WAMU. A once fine radio station that catered to the offbeat folks that originally started public radio, has gradually become a clone of all the other NPR affiliated stations around the country. I salute them for still keeping in business, but in the meantime, Internet Radio generally seems to be about to die. Who knows what the future holds, but it looks like a whole lot of traditional streaming may be ready to bite the dust, based on the new copyright royalties that are being imposed. So if you enjoy radio over the internet, it might be nice to enjoy it extra hard for the next few weeks.