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Eric & Jenny

Perhaps at some point I will be able to write down my thoughts on Eric and Jenny’s wedding, but for now I will post the photos.  These are not the official wedding photos, just a combination of mine and my dad’s.

In other news, there is still a granddaughter out there, and here are a batch of new photos of her.

Babies can lie

Um, we already knew this before Eric was one year old. But apparently the psychologists only just now discovered it. Perhaps no psychologists are parents?

Babies not as innocent as they pretend - the Telegraph

HT: the Desiring God blog

Granddaughter update

I’m so completely behind that I have not posted anything here, but even if I’m offline, the granddaughter continues to progress. Herewith I present a modest Album 4 of pictures of this award-winning baby.

Granddaughter pix

I have to point you to some of my picture albums of my high quality, award winning granddaughter.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

A Gift

Someone special got some new parents today. Or at least she met them. Catherine, 8 lbs, said hi to the outside world and she seems to like her folks! Actually she is very sleepy and hasn’t commented much, at least while I’ve been watching. I hope Evan will write a poem about her. “The hand of our God was upon us,” and GravyGal had a very easy and quick day of it. More later I hope!

GravyGal and her baby

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