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New articles and UK premiere of Amazing Grace

With the UK opening of the movie this week, and the four weeks of US reflection on the movie, some interesting articles have appeared.  I bypass many (sometimes poorly researched) articles to bring you one that is genuinely interesting, and a couple of others.
Mark Steyn, who loves movies as well as conservative reforms, has his say, and he does not disappoint. This is one of the best short articles that has appeared this year on Wilberforce, and by a non-evangelical at that.
Christian Today, a UK website, has a nice interview with several of the main participants.

Finally, here is the Web equivalent of junk food: pictures of the actors at the UK premiere.

Reviews and Articles - 3

Of course, as good as the movie Amazing Grace is (and I still need to write my own complete review), I’m sure we can all think of ways that it could have been even better. There could have been a more exact representation of the content of his Christian faith. (One Christian blogger wondered about a faith that seems only to have consisted of wanting to lay in wet grass and look at spiderwebs.)

An excellent article appeared in my Gmail inbox. My link was to website VirtueOnline, “The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism,” but the article, “Hollywood’s ‘Amazing’ Glaze” comes from the Wall Street Journal’s website OpinionJournal. Charlotte Allen sums up, better than most, the deficiencies of the movie’s representation of Wilberforce’s faith. I urge you to read it here. When Christian and political leaders in the USA are falling all over themselves to recommend the movie (and I agree with them), we need to realize that this is just a movie after all, and it is no substitute for the robust and challenging content of the actual faith that Wilberforce believed.

Perhaps the best rebuke to some of the Wilberforce mania is the actual full title of Wilberforce’s one book of theology. Meditate deeply on this title and apply it to our American scene: A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians in the Higher and Middle Classes of Society, Contrasted With Real Christianity.

In other news, this article contains an interview with Michael Apted, and shows some of his own (secular) motivations for making the movie the way he did.

And this article contains an account of a preview showing of the movie in Wilberforce’s hometown, Hull.

Reviews and Articles - 2

More reviews.  I note that on, the movie has a 70% approval rating.

Los Angeles Times

Chicago Sun-Times

The New Yorker

Denver Rocky Mountain News

Reviews and articles

As expected, there are lots of Amazing Grace reviews. I’ll be writing my own later, but here are a few of the best. They don’t constantly get the details or understand what they are writing about, but they are basically positive. (Because I didn’t link to the less-positive ones!)
Miami Herald

San Fransisco Chronicle

Santa Cruz Sentinel

National Review

National Public Radio

New York Daily News

Orange County Register


Hot links for Amazing Grace movie

Now it’s time to start rounding up some of the good links across the Web this week. This will probably be the first of multiple posts.

First, know that Chuck Colson and the Breakpoint staff are featuring Wilberforce all week. There is a post for every day.

World Magazine likes the movie.

Now for some blogs and reviews.

SoloFemininity says it’s a great movie

CinemaDave says Amazing Grace is a peaceful Braveheart.

The Salem, Oregon StatesmanJournal really likes this movie.

New York magazine says “No, it’s not subtle, but how subtle was slavery?

And don’t forget the address of the main movie website.


Ioan Gruffudd as William WilberforceI’ve been using Google News Alerts to get daily updates on what the media is saying about Wilberforce. Up to this week, the reviews of this movie have been basically nonexistent, but as its worldwide release is February 23, I expect that to change rapidly during this week.

I believe this movie has the potential to be the next Chariots of Fire, in the area of inspiration. I urge everybody to see it as quickly as possible, inside of a theater, so that it makes money and continues for a long release.

As for media attention, I’ve found only one really meaty article on the Web this week, and that is from World Magazine, no real surprise there. You can find it here.

I’ll try to post links to the most informative reviews as they appear. Personally I think I will be at Cinemark Legacy this weekend.

Movie countdown

Doh! Apparently Ioan Gruffudd was actually in Dallas on Wednesday, hosting an invitation-only showing of the movie. I guess I don’t know the right people. Don’t they know my blog is at the forefront of the promotion of this movie? And here I am in the Dallas area!

Kim at the pizza placeActually a movie was part of my Wednesday experience, as my young, beautiful bride and I took a couple of days off to go to a bed-n-breakfast in McKinney. We decided to see The Queen and though I can’t locate any friends or relatives who have actually seen it, I can see why it was nominated for best picture, best actress, best screenplay, best director, etc. This movie simply doesn’t have a boring minute in it. It is 97 minutes of fascinating character study between the oh-so-modern Blair administration and the Royal Family. Except for a tiny bit of language, it is basically a family friendly movie. Some of you go see it so we can have some discussion, alright?

Amazing Grace movie news

William WilberforceWe’re within three weeks of seeing this movie released, and things are starting to move. First, the movie web site has been updated completely, and now there are now two versions of the trailer and they are available in several download sizes and formats.

You can also see a completely different clip from the movie, not offered on the main movie page, if you go to the Amazing Grace Sunday web page and scroll down to the registration section. There you will find a clip called “Clapham Dinner” which gives a conversation between Wilberforce and Equiano and others who are trying to recruit Wilberforce to the anti-slavery movement.

The references on the Web are growing. World Magazine weighs in with an article by Marvin Olasky. The Baptist Press posts an article on their website. And an outfit called Everyday Gospel Magazine has an interview with Ken Wales, one of the producers of the movie (who is no stranger to high-quality entertainment — he was the main driver behind the Christy TV series).

Cal Thomas on the Amazing Grace movie

“Beautifully shot and beautifully performed” is Cal Thomas’s evaluation of this movie, which I am more and more excited about. It’s less than a month now!

High-res trailers of Amazing Grace

They are starting to appear. The best one I’ve seen so far is at IGN. I’ll update this post if better ones become available.

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