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Church hopping

A church that “works” for me…

Do we need to lose that critical consumerist attitude to church? Why do Christians need to seek out the most spirited preaching, the most dynamic music, the most professional children’s program and the most comfortable group of peers? Maybe we need to work on cultivating a servant-heartedness that commits voluntarily to a small church where the preaching is faithful (if not fervent) and the music acceptable (if not awesome), but where there are opportunities aplenty to use our God-given gifts to edify Christ’s body. After all, Jesus’ humble other-person-centeredness is what we are called to emulate (Phil 2.1-5, John 13.12-17).

- Rowan Kemp in The Briefing, July-Aug 2010

By Mark Ritchie in Meditations  .::. (Add your comment)

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