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Do Hard Things - Newt Gingrich

At last year’s Do Hard Things conference, we were told that the enforced and invented concept of “youth” or “teenagerhood” was ruining our chances of using those years productively. Now Newt seems to have attended the Do Hard Things conference! He writes it up well in Business Week. Thanks Bill for the link!

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Israel and Hamas

It’s unbelievable, but up to 1987 I was a Palestinian sympathizer. Years of being exposed to poor biblical interpretation (which was meant to justify the nation of Israel), and years of Israeli excesses had convinced me that the Palestinians had a true moral outrage. They really were oppressed. The beginning of the end of my blindness came in 1987 with the first Intifada. I realized that there was a true amoral hate among Palestinians, one that could never be solved by the removal of oppression. The Christian Palestinians have mostly fled or been run out of town, leaving the remainder as nothing but an arm of international Muslim terrorism. This article by Charles Krauthammer reminded me how one-sidedly WRONG the Palestinian cause is.

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