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Eight facts

OK, I don’t like these games of tag, OK?  ok.

But my buddy Philip has challenged me to tell eight little known facts about myself. I’m not sure there even are eight facts about myself, but I’ll try.

1. I played football. Yes, it’s true. In the 5th grade. There is actually a picture of me somewhere with a jersey and pads on.

2. My son Evan has not yet had hair longer than mine was in high school.

3. One of my dad’s favorite experiences with me was when I went out with Andy Martin in a sailboat at Scout camp, and we turned the boat over in the middle of the lake. With a storm coming.

4. Meanwhile, I never made Eagle Scout. Never even got close. I think there might have been two merit badges sewn on my sash.

5. My first car was a blue 1966 Ford Falcon. When it hit a 1975 Mercury Monarch in the side (not my fault), it crushed the Monarch but didn’t even break my headlight.

6. I love Lubbock, Texas. Hub of the Plains. I went to school there. I didn’t like the sandstorms though.

7. When I was a student in Lubbock, I had my teeth worked on by a former Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

8. I’ve been eating Pizza Inn Thin Crust Sausage Pizza for as long as I can remember eating. Which is a a long time. And I still like it.

Well there it is! Now maybe I can think of someone to tag.

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Bush - no conservative

This is what I’ve been saying for longer than Peggy Noonan, but she says it so much better than me.

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