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Granddaughter update

I’m so completely behind that I have not posted anything here, but even if I’m offline, the granddaughter continues to progress. Herewith I present a modest Album 4 of pictures of this award-winning baby.

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The Rights of Englishmen

It’s so nice, and so rare, to see a government have an outburst of common sense, that one must note the occasion. Today the BBC reported that the English Department for Education and Skills is set to issue guidelines which “point out that it is fundamental to the English system that the responsibility for educating children rests on the parents.”

Parents will be told that “education is compulsory but schooling is not.”

Some USA states haven’t learned that yet. Bravo to the English bureaucracy!

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Annie, the musical

This weekend something will happen that I’ve never seen before as a dad. Two of my children will be starring opposite each other in the musical Annie.  E#4 will be playing Daddy Warbucks while E#5 will be playing Annie. It will be a big surprise to see how it turns out, since I’ve never attended one of the rehearsals.

The Quo Vadis Educators of Garland, who have put on high quality productions many years in the past, are the drama group. This is our first year to be part of their program. You can find more information about the production this weekend on their website.

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Granddaughter pix

I have to point you to some of my picture albums of my high quality, award winning granddaughter.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

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