Farewell to a fine institution, or two

After 17 years, the excellent classic country music show The Eddie Stubbs Show has ceased broadcasting on WAMU-FM and on www.bluegrasscountry.org. Eddie knows more about the history of country music than just about anybody. All of us who love traditional music owe Eddie a debt of gratitude for keeping this old music alive. (Not to mention that he was the fiddler for the Johnson Mountain Boys for years.)

Fortunately for the country music industry, Eddie still stays active in Nashville with his WSM and Grand Ole Opry work.

It’s another chapter in the sad history of WAMU. A once fine radio station that catered to the offbeat folks that originally started public radio, has gradually become a clone of all the other NPR affiliated stations around the country. I salute them for still keeping bluegrasscountry.org in business, but in the meantime, Internet Radio generally seems to be about to die. Who knows what the future holds, but it looks like a whole lot of traditional streaming may be ready to bite the dust, based on the new copyright royalties that are being imposed. So if you enjoy radio over the internet, it might be nice to enjoy it extra hard for the next few weeks.

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