Ioan Gruffudd as William WilberforceI’ve been using Google News Alerts to get daily updates on what the media is saying about Wilberforce. Up to this week, the reviews of this movie have been basically nonexistent, but as its worldwide release is February 23, I expect that to change rapidly during this week.

I believe this movie has the potential to be the next Chariots of Fire, in the area of inspiration. I urge everybody to see it as quickly as possible, inside of a theater, so that it makes money and continues for a long release.

As for media attention, I’ve found only one really meaty article on the Web this week, and that is from World Magazine, no real surprise there. You can find it here.

I’ll try to post links to the most informative reviews as they appear. Personally I think I will be at Cinemark Legacy this weekend.

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