Movie countdown

Doh! Apparently Ioan Gruffudd was actually in Dallas on Wednesday, hosting an invitation-only showing of the movie. I guess I don’t know the right people. Don’t they know my blog is at the forefront of the promotion of this movie? And here I am in the Dallas area!

Kim at the pizza placeActually a movie was part of my Wednesday experience, as my young, beautiful bride and I took a couple of days off to go to a bed-n-breakfast in McKinney. We decided to see The Queen and though I can’t locate any friends or relatives who have actually seen it, I can see why it was nominated for best picture, best actress, best screenplay, best director, etc. This movie simply doesn’t have a boring minute in it. It is 97 minutes of fascinating character study between the oh-so-modern Blair administration and the Royal Family. Except for a tiny bit of language, it is basically a family friendly movie. Some of you go see it so we can have some discussion, alright?

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