Amazing Grace movie news

William WilberforceWe’re within three weeks of seeing this movie released, and things are starting to move. First, the movie web site has been updated completely, and now there are now two versions of the trailer and they are available in several download sizes and formats.

You can also see a completely different clip from the movie, not offered on the main movie page, if you go to the Amazing Grace Sunday web page and scroll down to the registration section. There you will find a clip called “Clapham Dinner” which gives a conversation between Wilberforce and Equiano and others who are trying to recruit Wilberforce to the anti-slavery movement.

The references on the Web are growing. World Magazine weighs in with an article by Marvin Olasky. The Baptist Press posts an article on their website. And an outfit called Everyday Gospel Magazine has an interview with Ken Wales, one of the producers of the movie (who is no stranger to high-quality entertainment — he was the main driver behind the Christy TV series).

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