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Amazing Grace - the trailer is up

I’m waiting to see it in high quality, but for those who can’t wait, the trailer is up now at

It looks like there is to be a bit of anachronism here, with the American tune of “Amazing Grace” being played by bagpipes! Will these movie making types never tire of changing history? But perhaps that scene is really not in the movie?

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Mount Hood and God

I have been praying for the family of an old Texas Tech school mate, Kelly James, who was identified today as being found at the top of Mt Hood. I admire the way Frank James, his brother, has handled this tragedy in public for the families. How different it has been from some of the antics of other families in trouble! God is a life-changing God, and he changes everything about our lives, even how we handle tragedy and death. I would like to have as much maturity as this family has shown.

A blog for the three families is at this site.

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Family tree makers

As Ricky Skaggs once sang, “It’s the newest craze in town … there’s an old kind of love goin’ round.” I’m so happy for Eric and Jenny. You can also read a poem about it here

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