The Chilling Reality of Islam

My day was bracketed with depressing news about Islam. It began during my drive to work, where NPR was featuring a story about Turkey and how its “secular” state was putting two men on trial for converting to Christianity. Hmm. Turkey is supposed to be a model for how you can have an Islamic state that is also secular and free. The charge against these two brothers is that they “insulted Turkishness.”

My work day ended (late) while I was putting the finishing touches on a software fix, while listening to two episodes of the White Horse Inn on Islam. I knew Islam was a challenge, but these two radio shows brought its hideous untruth and aggression into much clearer focus. I highly recommend you download the MP3’s and listen to them without delay.

When I was a kid, the fear was that worldwide Communism would take over and erase all our freedoms forever. I believe worldwide Islam is a much greater danger than Communism ever turned out to be.

Our trust is not in the United States military, but in the King of Kings who will appear personally from the clouds. Until then, the brethren must be willing to die, if necessary, preaching the gospel to Muslims and others who will want to kill us, and who will “think they offer service to God” (John 16:2).

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