William Wilberforce - 2

Well, my books have come in and I’ve been reading all kinds of stuff about Wilberforce. I also listened to John Piper’s biography of him from one of his Pastor’s Conferences, and I heard Piper say that to understand Wilberforce, you must understand his Christianity, and the way to understand that is to read his book: A Practical View Of Christianity. In there, you will find that his social reform agenda was built completely on his salvation-centered, Christ-centered Christianity, not a social, moralistic pragmatic Christianity such as we’ve been afflicted with for centuries.

Piper was lamenting that the book was out of print, but that will soon be remedied by Hendricksen Publishers. In fact, scanning the Amazon lists, I see that there will be a mini-boom of Wilberforce related books issued or re-issued in connection with this movie (or in connection with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade by Wilberforce’s Parliament bill). Did I say that the movie is timed to match that anniversary?

Then, I went to the State Fair tonight, and Walden Media was out there promoting the movie! (Along with their other new movie, Charlotte’s Web.) Here’s a poster that they hung up. Also, they had big screen TV’s showing clips from the movie, and folks, it looks like it might just be really good.

(I can’t resist plugging John Newton as seen on the poster: “A former ship captain and slave trader who wrote ‘Amazing Grace‘ out of deep gratitude for the forgiveness he received. Newton encouraged Wilberforce to persevere as an abolitionist.”)

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