The Gospel Worthy Of All Acceptation

Andrew Fuller’s classic book of the above title was published in the late 1700’s. Depending on your perspective, it either killed Calvinism or revived it. My perspective is that it revived Calvinism and that it was a legitimate development of the Puritans and the Great Awakening evangelists. Fuller’s friend William Carey was the first Protestant English missionary to foreign lands, and is usually credited with kicking off the modern missions movement.

Fuller’s accomplishment was to provide the theological underpinnings for the new foreign missions, by combating the deadening hypercalvinism/antinomianism that had gripped English Baptist life. Drawing heavily upon the thought of Owen and Edwards, Fuller showed that because it was moral inability, not natural inability, that prevented men and women from receiving the gospel, the gospel was to be preached to all, indiscriminately. This seems so obvious to us now, but there are dear brothers even today who believe that Fuller was the source of all heresy and apostasy and that he perverted the doctrines of salvation.

I believe that Fuller is important and that the doctrines contained in The Gospel Worthy Of All Acceptation are mostly the pure doctrine of Scripture. (Whether Fuller in later life can be charged with any other errors is not in my area of knowledge, and it doesn’t affect my opinion of this book.)

I used to access this book at a site called, now known as, but it seems to be out of date and broken. So I’ve republished the files on my site here. As far as I know, they are available nowhere else on the web.

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