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Jaroslav Pelikan, R.I.P.

A short post in tribute of one of the great scholars of our time - Jaroslav Pelikan of Yale, preeminent historian of Christian doctrine, Lutheran convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, and one of the great storytellers. Yale’s article is here. His five-volume The Christian Tradition has been a great book to have in my life. It would be nice if people who think The Da Vinci Code was based on scholarship could read something like this instead. Real life is more thrilling anyway than fiction.

Also a belated thank you to my Texas Tech “History of Christian Thought” professor Rev. Arthur Preisinger, now retired from Texas Lutheran University, for introducing me to this magnificent author. You can also read Al Mohler’s tribute to Dr. Pelikan here.

Trivia: If you look closely at the credits for the classic B&W Martin Luther movie from the 50’s, you will see Dr. Pelikan credited as a consultant there.

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He who finds a wife…

In honor of our 25th anniversary (Seven weeks ago! … yes, you can send gifts if you want to), I offer this English folk song that expresses how we all love our wives:

Both sexes give ear to my fancy,
While in praise of dear woman I sing;
Confined not to Moll, Sue, or Nancy,
But mates from a beggar to king.

When old Adam first was created,
And lord of the universe crowned,
His happiness was not completed,
Until that an helpmate was found.

He’d all things in food that were wanting
To keep and support him through life;
He’d horses and foxes for hunting,
Which some men love better than wife.

He’d a garden so planted by nature,
Man cannot produce in his life;
But yet the all-wise great Creator
Still saw that he wanted a wife.

Then Adam he laid in a slumber,
And there he lost part of his side;
And when he awoke, with a wonder,
Beheld his most beautiful bride!

In transport he gazed upon her,
His happiness now was complete!
He praised his bountiful donor,
Who thus had bestowed him a mate.

She was not took out of his head, sir,
To reign and triumph over man;
Nor was she took out of his feet, sir,
By man to be trampled upon.

But she was took out of his side, sir,
His equal and partner to be;
But as they’re united in one, sir,
The man is the top of the tree.

Man without a woman’s a beggar,
Suppose the whole world he possessed;
And the beggar that’s got a good woman,
With more than the world he is blest.

Then let not the fair be despised
By man, as she’s part of himself;
For woman by Adam was prized
More than the whole globe full of wealth.

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Why Conservatives are abandoning Bush, Republicans

Because Bush and the Republicans are abandoning them, just like the Democratic Party did 40 years ago. Your representatives are selling you out.

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