Goatees and Funky Glasses

We interrupt the musings on music to refer you to the hilarious site Goatees and Funky Glasses, where the Emergent Church gets gently parodied.

Some of the topics to be explored at their conference include:
1. The Role of Facial Hair in Missional Postmodernity.
2. Linguistic Obfuscation and its role in Post-colonial Heretical Schematics.
3. Art as Personal Nomenclature: Cheese Sculpting, Church and the Nararative of Me
4. Beyond Right and Wrong: Re-imagining Truth and Error

…. Funky eyewear can be picked up at the Lenscrafters Booth in the Conference Expo center.

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2 Responses to “Goatees and Funky Glasses”

  1. blake w Says:

    Ha! That is good stuff.

  2. rachel tsunami Says:

    Has to be one of the most insightfully hilarious things I’ve read in a long time. I read all of it. And I’ll bookmark that one. Do you know these guys? Hilarious!

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