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I wonder what you people (whoever you are) would say to this blog post. I find it interesting that she

had a strict evangelical upbringing. Christian school for 12 years, Christian girl scouts (called Pioneer Girls), Christian summer camp, Christian youth group and Christian after-school activities… I realize that no one is perfect, but through all of this I saw so much hypocrisy and personal insecurity. Especially throughout my high school career. The result being that neither of my children has ever seen the inside of a church….or been baptized…

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  1. MullTrain Says:

    I can understand her feelings about Christians. I felt the same way at one time. Just the other day I read a similar article in the UD (yeah, for some reason I was actually reading the Useless Drivel that day), where a girl was talking about how Christians fall into three categories:
    a.) “Texas Tech Christians” who go to a praise service and then go get drunk and who knows what else
    b.) “Churchies” who take great pride in what they don’t do (”at least I don’t do drugs…”), are legalistic, and hate everyone who is different from them
    c.) “Anomalies” who actually love Jesus, heart and soul, and love other people unconditionally

    The woman who wrote this post must think of Christians as “Churchies.” The problem is that she has a good point. Even those of us with a genuine and growing faith often fall into the legalism trap. I know I do. I struggle all the time with it.

    But even though she has a point, she isn’t right to neglect the body of believers. The Bible knows what it’s talking about when it says that we need each other. Even during Christmas break, when my college ministry has only minimal activities, I start to feel kind of starved for interaction with other believers. We need that, we were made for that.

    I will not speculate on whether or not this woman is saved, since after all only God knows for sure. But I think she is very misguided in her thinking.

    Oh, and I also found very interesting her comment about how she thinks God “doesn’t want us to be ashamed of sex and our bodies.” I’m not entirely sure what she means by that. If she thinks that saving sex for marriage means that we’re ashamed of sex, that is also very misguided. I hear that kind of erroneous thinking a lot…people a lot of times are under the impression that Christians think all sex is dirty or bad. I wish someone would explain to all of them that God created it, it is wonderful, and we aren’t ashamed, just trusting that God knows what is best for us. After all, He created us!

    Mmm this is a book…I think I’ll stop now…

  2. Mark Ritchie Says:

    Well that didn’t generate very many comments, but the one I got was high quality! Thanks Jenny.

    I’m just wondering whether (from a human standpoint) this girl didn’t have a single mentor who was genuine? And, whether my kids (or the rest of you who were raised in Christian homes) have experienced the hypocrisy and insecurity that she experienced?

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