Backyard Circus

While we’re on the subject of the State Fair, I have to mention our good friends Bill and Johnnie. Every year they come to the Fair to put on the best show at the whole place — the Backyard Circus. It’s free with your admission and it is so good for kids from 4 to, well, 22. I don’t think any of our kids has gotten over being best friends with Bill and Johnnie for so many years. It’s a privilege to know them and to be their “customers” every year. I won’t try to describe the Backyard Circus except to say that it is very participatory. They and their co-workers travel the country every year, so if you ever see a Backyard Circus at your fair, be sure to go see the show!

Thanks Bill and Johnnie for another great Fair season! And it’s not over yet! (And, a great big thank you to Dallas’s Schepps Dairy for sponsoring their show this year.)

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