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Which comes first: Magician, or Lion?

My, my. Some of my children are quite exercised that the publishers of The Chronicles Of Narnia have been arranging the book sets so that The Magician’s Nephew comes first, rather than The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I never thought it was of great importance, but now that National Review has taken a stand, I guess I stand corrected!

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Cool pic

OK, since I’m not getting comments on anything anymore (whine), I think I’ll resort to posting pictures of my kids. (Talk about desperate.) Here is a cool picture of Ellen that was taken by Emily, on film, for a class project.

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Backyard Circus

While we’re on the subject of the State Fair, I have to mention our good friends Bill and Johnnie. Every year they come to the Fair to put on the best show at the whole place — the Backyard Circus. It’s free with your admission and it is so good for kids from 4 to, well, 22. I don’t think any of our kids has gotten over being best friends with Bill and Johnnie for so many years. It’s a privilege to know them and to be their “customers” every year. I won’t try to describe the Backyard Circus except to say that it is very participatory. They and their co-workers travel the country every year, so if you ever see a Backyard Circus at your fair, be sure to go see the show!

Thanks Bill and Johnnie for another great Fair season! And it’s not over yet! (And, a great big thank you to Dallas’s Schepps Dairy for sponsoring their show this year.)

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When life gives you lemons, you make apple cobbler

Don’t miss Kim’s appearance in the Dallas Morning News article today, where she pops up briefly. (She didn’t win yesterday.)

You can also still catch the feature article on Kim from last year.

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The Rockford Files: Season One

OK boys and girls, as this blog continues its devolution from “thinking great thoughts a la George Herbert” to “lame Christian riffs on politics and now pop culture,” we must all pause in reverence at the fact that the greatest detective TV show of all time, the Rockford Files, is soon to be released on DVD. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. (But to really own it? Not sure I’d go that far. Far better to have it in a very convenient rental format, or even better, online! Hey Verizon! You know that fiber that you strung to my house?)

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