Baton Rouge - 2

I can’t believe I have to leave today. The time has gone by so fast, and has been such a blessing. I have now learned what NDMS is: the National Disaster Medical System. All of the teams here have been part of this system, which is part of FEMA. I really admire these people, who drop everything and become responders in our country’s worst situations for two week shifts and sometimes more.

This is a part of the USA that we can be really proud of. Nuff said. And I’m really not going to be able to say bad things about FEMA after this experience. Whenever I hear “FEMA,” I will always think of these great men and women.

Here are Ed and Tim, two members of the AR-1 DMAT team:

Ed is a pastor in the ARP (Associate Reformed Presbyterian) church.

Here are some photos of the wonderful Veterinary team, VMAT-1:

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