Baton Rouge

Hey, here I am in Baton Rouge. My friend and hero Peter is down here representing our Scout troop and representing Jesus Christ, and he is set up as the cook at one of the FEMA areas in Baton Rouge. His job is to give them hot food while they are not out in the field eating MRE’s. There are doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other support staff, from all over the country. These teams, who all have day jobs, train all the time to work together and travel to disaster sites, and now they are deployed to the New Orleans area.

Several people have gone down to support him for shorter periods of time, but Peter’s stay is likely to be two weeks.

Here is a picture of Peter’s kitchen.

And here’s Peter.

Here are some pictures, brought back by some of the teams, of the devastation in the heart of New Orleans.

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