New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Is it just me, or does New Orleans’ mayor seem to be the total opposite of a guy like Rudy Guiliani? Why does he do nothing but whine and carp and lash out? Do we see images of him at the Superdome or the convention center, taking charge? I think I see the end of his political career anyway. (But don’t count anyone down in Louisiana, where you basically have to be crooked to be a politician anyway.)

[UPDATE] It’s not just me. I’m not going crazy. Tim Challies has noticed it, and has commented far more eloquently than I could. But the major media websites (cnn, msnbc, fox, etc) simply parrot his pronouncements.

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4 Responses to “New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    His city and his citizens are drowning and have been since early Tuesday and only now are beginning to see a federal response - I believe he has a reason to complain. If this is the type of response we can count on from the Bush admin in times of crisis, then I fear what might happen if terrorist strike again.

  2. Maddie Says:

    Whoa! That’s so funny! You’re calling them crooked??? I love the irony of it all

  3. Mark Ritchie Says:

    Huh? You must not live near Louisiana.

  4. dogpreacher Says:

    You are right on Mark. To ‘anonymous’, have you stopped and thought about all the logistics involved concerning this? This was unprecedented, and yet surely, if anyone should have been on the ball before & when this was happening, it was Ray Nagin. He wasn’t.

    Considering the unprecedented magnitude of this destruction, I think it was as good as one could expect. Now…if something similar happens again soon (Hey…even if rebuilt, it sits below sea level, and there will be a hurricane season next year, & the next, & next, etc…), and there is not a n improved response and action, then it’s time to complain that we didn’t learn from this one.I am…

    grateful for grace.

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