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Ellen’s postcard from Oxford

Ellen wrote Saturday from Oxford: “This is a great picture - that’s the roof of Blackwell’s in the bottom left corner, above the seal you can just see the Bridge over the road, that’s the Bodleian with the green roof, and I climbed up into the towers of the church in the top right, where I had a great view of the colleges. They’re all so old and beautiful!”

Well you are getting old too, Daughter. I’ll be glad to have you back.

(You can click on the picture to get a nice big version.)

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“Chilly” dog in Texas

Hey, a “cold” front roared through North Texas last night! It was 70 degrees for dinner instead of 90. To celebrate, we sat outside at Sonic.

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Harry Potter vs. George Bailey

It seems to me that every Christian parent who is trying to get a handle on pop culture, especially stuff like Harry Potter, should read this post from Phil Johnson. Every day his blog is good, but this post was especially helpful. We need to understand that we don’t necessarily judge a book by whether it has wizards in it. What if it has angels, like It’s A Wonderful Life? Does that make it OK? Read what Phil says.

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Firewheel Town Center official web site

There is an official site here: Firewheel Town Center. Check out the demographics, and especially the detailed site plan, buildings, 3D views, and animations.

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“A Cup of Joe” blogs Firewheel

My Internet neighbor Joe has been investigating the hidden details of Firewheel Town Center. His findings are published here.

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Firewheel Town Center - 2

Well, the mall is progressing. Now they have the street around the back open all the way around, so one can drive back there and see Foley’s, etc. I’ve posted some new shots at the original site: Firewheel pix.

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How Do We Treat the Smoking Flax?

I’m reading Richard Sibbes’s The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax, based on Matthew 12:20. When Sibbes comes to the explanation of the smoking flax, he explains that the “smoke” coming from the wick is that portion of its output which is not wished for. What is wished for is light, not smoke. Yet Christ overlooks and purifies the smoke, for the sake of the little light that he has lit there.

Sibbes applies this lesson to Christians when he says:

Here see the opposite dispostition between the holy nature of Christ, and the impure nature of man. Man for a little smoke will quench the light; Christ ever we see cherisheth even the least beginnings. How bare [bore] he with the many imperfections of his poor disciples. If he did sharply check them, it was in love, and that they might shine the brighter. Can we have a better pattern to follow than this of him by whom we hope to be saved? ‘We that are strong ought to bear with the infirmities of the weak,’ Rom 15:1. ‘I became all things to all men, that I may win some,’ 1 Cor 9:22. O that this winning disposition were more in many! Many, so far as in us lieth, are lost for want of encouragement. . . . It is not the best way to fall foul presently with young beginners for some lesser vanities, but show them a more excellent way, and breed them up in positive grounds, and other things will be quickly out of credit with them. . . . It were [would be] a good strife among Christians, one to labour to give no offense, and the other to labour to take none. The best men are severe to themselves, tender over others. (Works, vol 1, 51-52)

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More pictures

If you really want to see pictures of these Southern gentlemen and ladies, head on over to Andrew’s place where he has several posts full of them.

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Southern experience

It just doesn’t get any better than this…. Evan’s “16th” birthday party, actually being held half a year late. Everybody dressed in period costume, and we had traditional music with traditional dancing at the Onion Shed, a wonderful old pavilion in Farmersville.

Odd… there weren’t any Yankees at this party. Perhaps that was because the invitation specified that this was a Confederate Ball!

What a weekend! Everyone should have 20 teenagers staying overnight at their house, making Confederate costumes! And everyone should have our good friends the Beauchamps helping out with every aspect of the gathering! Thanks Beauchamps!

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63% of Southern Baptists: Unsaved

How do you like my headline? Does it make you unhappy? Well, it should. But not because I’m being hateful or deliberately sensational. It should make you unhappy because it’s probably true. We could argue the number, but the concept is sound. Read all about it here. And notice that the original headline is at least as sensationalistic as mine.

(That is, if you know the meaning of the word “unregenerate.”)

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