Verizon FIOS

OK, switched over. Fiber was coming down the street. Unused fiber. Unlit fiber. Fiber that was lonely, next to copper that was hot. This could not be allowed to continue.
So Verizon came out today and switched my voice & data over to fiber. Now, I can blog at 5Mbps down, 2Mbps up.

I’ve already surfed the Verizon site to see what they expect me to do with all that speed. Surprise — they want me to watch movie trailers and listen to music! Is that all they can come up with? Wasn’t I doing that already? (or at least, the kids were.)

Now, here is how to use fiber optics. Put the whole library of Andy Griffith, The Rockford Files, Perry Mason, Star Trek, etc. online. Charge me fifty cents to watch a half hour episode, or a buck for a one hour show. Don’t bother me with monthly fees — I won’t pay them. But give me a chance to see just one more Rockford Files show with a late night pizza, for a dollar, and I’ll melt like — well, I’ll melt like mozzarella cheese.

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