The Holdfast.

I’ll kick off this blog by posting the poem from which the blog takes its name.

George Herbert

I THREATENED to observe the strict decree
Of my dear God with all my power and might :
But I was told by one, it could not be ;
Yet I might trust in God to be my light.

Then will I trust, said I, in him alone.
Nay, evâ??n to trust in him, was also his :
We must confess, that nothing is our own.
Then I confess that he my succour is :

But to have nought is ours, not to confess
That we have nought. I stood amazâ??d at this,
Much troubled, till I heard a friend express,
That all things were more ours by being his.
What Adam had, and forfeited for all,
Christ keepeth now, who cannot fail or fall.

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